Monday, June 16, 2008

The Apartment

I have finally moved into the place where I will be staying for the next two months. It is a nice apartment; it has AC (which is rare), clean water and internet. I am very fortunate to be here. I am a short taxi away from everywhere. It is easy to get to place because I either have to walk or take the taxi. I have to use my Arabic so that is a good challenge for me. I am learning the little oddities of the Egyptian form of Arabic and am starting to conform to the Egyptian standards of speaking and acting. Things such as not crossing my legs. It is considered rude and offensive to show the underside of your foot to anyone so I am having to fight every urge within me not to cross my legs. It's a little bit annoying but no big deal for me to have to do that. I am living in the high part of town so wealthier people live here. There is less crime, though I live a couple of blocks from the main road on the coast in Alex, and I have been told never to cross it. At least one person is killed (not just hit) every two hours on that road. Taxi rides are very exciting whenever they take me onto that road. I am being careful, though. 

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Linda said...

As in childhood, it's just inescapable that some streets should not be crossed!

Praying for you ......