Sunday, April 20, 2008

الحمد للة ساوسفر الى مصر!

Al Hamdu Lilla! Saoosefr ila Msr! Praise be to God! I will be going to Egypt! 

I have been blessed with the opportunity to live in Alexandria, Egypt this summer for an eight-week summer internship. I will be living in Alexandria, working with a family and their church. Among the tasks I will be doing are helping with English classes, guitar lessons, possibly leading worship along with a total of 96 hours of Arabic language classes along with other, cultural studies classes. 

So far, I have been able to work with Muslims in an American and a European context. This will give me the opportunity to learn what missions will be like to Muslims in an Arab context, directly in the heart of Islam. Please be praying that my heart will be prepared and that God will work in my heart during this experience. And also, that the funding for the trip will come in time for me to leave. 

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